Friday, 23 July 2010

The Last Day: Day Ten

Last day today D: (as indicated by the title) and I’m finished everything off today. My day didn't have a great start I must admit. I had a really bossy and grumpy bus driver who didn't like me giving him money because he had to get off his arse and give me change.

I’ve managed to finish my blog and get it up to date. The afternoon has been for relaxing because we have finished and it's out last day (:I must admit, I am glad that this art award is over because it's been really stressful for me, too much work, and I get really mardy if I’m stressed. So luckily I’m no longer a mardy bum (:

Oh and can I just add...I’m not American, it's this bloody macbook that corrects the PROPER spelling of words to some American ones, so as I’m usually a bad speller I rely on spell check but as I spell the words, it corrects them into American spelling so I have no idea what I am or am not spelling correctly.

Goodbye blog , it was fun :)

Day nine :S

Soooooo much to do today, I’m having to write this on Friday morning I did so much. firstly I had to go though peril trying to get to hunters bar with Lucy for my interview with Pete Mckee. First we were going to walk, then we wanted to catch the bus because it was raining, but we couldn't find the right bus, so then we finally caught a taxi. But when we got there the staff and Pete were really nice and greeted us warmly, So I then interviewed Pete in the Kitchen area of the gallery as it was set out as a house. We then looked around the gallery and I took pictures of the work I liked and at the end of that I signed the visitors book which Pete wanted me and Lucy to do.

When we got back to Site Gallery I edited the interview but it deleted itself halfway through so I had to do that again comforted by my Maccy D's ... it was delicious... damn I want one now. So as my internet was bust and I couldn't upload my edited interview so I have to wait until tomorrow to upload it. So then I spent ages writing up my blog!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day Eight :D

It's really not my day today, my dad decided to wash all my clothes before we go on holiday and not tell me, so I’m stuck wearing laddered tights and Hawaiian shorts teamed up with a wolf t-shirt. Attractive I know.

Before I left the house I put three more places for Bethany’s You Couldn’t Put it on a Map Project on my memory stick which I took last night when I went for a walk with my dad. So I thought of some funny reasons for those places such as the horses field. I used to go for walks here with my granddad when I was little but I have only just started going for walks here again. I came here with Tom but as he's terrified of horses he chucked his left over fish 'n chips at the horse and ran off while it was eating them, it was all very funny for me as I erupted with laughter on the floor as the horse did a goofy horse face and Tom ran off really fast... it took me ages to catch up with him, stupid long distance runner

Anyway we weren't in Site gallery for long because ... errrrm .... I’ve forgot what’s happening, but what I do know is that we were only in there for about half an hour, then we got chucked out by some arty farty people. Oh yes we went to Bank Street Arts which was actually really interesting.

We were also set a task to take some photos which matched the title "Hidden Sheffield" so I took LOADS of photo's and we then met up at peace gardens at 11 and I took some more pictures for our part D, we then walked to the gallery at Bank street and it was really nice there, we met a woman who skins animals and makes art out of them which was...interesting. We then took a tour around the gallery and did some jobs such as cleaning and re-arranging the art in some cabinets and some painting.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day Seven (:


Tidied up my blog and edit a few photo's and put them on my memory stick. Vicky talked to us about the arts award and how we have to write loads about it so I did and I hope that I have wrote enough for it, i've been trying for ages to find out what else to write about... and to be honest i'm doing that today (:

Today has been a day that I don't really have anything to do, i'm interviewing Pete McKee on thursday for i'm going to be really busy then and on Friday because that is for both my B and C because i'm interviewing him in his gallery "a month of sundays"which ought to be fun (: and im taking lots of pictures around his gallery (i am allowed) so I can add that to my "arts award" section of this blog as proof that I have done it.

Also i will finish my powerpoint on Thursday too because we aren't allowed in the gallery on wednesday so i'm taking some more pictures then of my 'dead' people for my part D so i'll have about 15 images in my slide show for that and i also need to add some spooky and slow music for that so it should be good (:

Part D: Arts apprenticeship arts

My finish Bodies project:

My mini project will be taking pictures of people laying down (looking dead) in peculiar places such as on steps, on Fargate ete... I will involve the whole group in the staged photos so there is a wide range of people contributing to my project. I might risk it and ask some members of the public to contribute (like students...they're up for owt), the people will follow these rules;

1. you must be laying limp and looking dead
2. be creative and do it in a really unexpected place.

First I went and just took pictures of people laying down at home, but on the Monday I went out and took several shots of the same place at different moments (some with dead person, some without) and merged them together in Photoshop so that it looks like everything was happening at once.

I went to the train station and near the university where most of the people look busier and more odd because on the final image there will be a person laying down "dead" on each picture and all the people that are walking around won’t be looking at them, where as in a real life situation that wouldn't happen, the people would react straight away.

I chose this project because I was interested in how you could make someone look dead but the rest of the public (strangers) don't care where as in the real world if someone was dead on the floor there would be lots of people, police, ambulance and commotion so there would be lots of attention but my project shows a kind of surreal parallel universe in which people don’t appear care. A bit like we are when we see the news.

We had a few complications when we got to fargate at lunch, one of my friends sprawled face down on the floor and a man passed her and muttering the words "faggot" which was really rude, and lots of people gave us funny looks or walked past the camera whilst I was taking a photo.

I’m really pleased with my finished work. I took a lot of photos and have created about 6 that really give the affect that I described about. Visit my project here:

Monday, 19 July 2010

Day Six ;)

I'll start with Friday night, little did I know I was still wearing my name tag when I was out with my friends, so my boyfriend nicked it and wore it and pretended to be me. Then on Saturday I went to see Eclipse with my friend Beth and we had a good moan about how Jacob’s better then Edward and that we should re-make the book. I also took some other pictures of people being motionless.

Euuuggghh that bus ride was terrible it smelt of hair remover and the bus driver thought I was 16 because I didn't look like my photo but after bending my knees a little and pushing the hair behind my ears he accepted my 40p and I sat next to a smelly old man (: what a good start to a Monday morning!

We then went to Yorkshire Art Apace (YAS) which gives artists’ studios to work in. Firstly we met Rachel Dodd who talked YAS and what they do. We saw ceramic work by Emily Tailor's who also gave us a talk. She has a little black scruffy dog called Roxy which cleaned my feet. Her work is interesting because it's based around Sheffield and they have meanings such as hoodies culture references and basically being a snob which are all on big pots, and she did individual drawings on little plates which I liked. We also met Charlotte the silversmith in her studio which is massive and smells of the DT rooms at school. She was making an interesting bowl for a competition to win £10,000!

After lunch break I Photoshopped some pictures for my part D of my arts award. We also met Ellie who showed us her work for her foundation course which was a mixture of stuff like photography and printing. After that I went out with my camera and took pictures for my D to edit in Photoshop....we got some really weird looks from people though, after getting two images from the same place; one of people looking natural and another with a 'dead' body with people looking at them like "what the hell?".

Friday, 16 July 2010

Part C: Exploring an artist

My interview with well-know cartoon based artist, Pete Mckee:

The local artist that I will be interviewing is Pete McKee who got his break in his 30s after selling a piece of his work to Noel Gallagher from Oasis:

My research of Pete's has mainly came from his website

Pete McKee was really nice and welcoming and happy to do the interview. I interviewed him in the kitchen area of his gallery (In a month of Sundays), where the walls were draped with drawings, sketches, and photographs.

He talked about how he has always had a passion for art and music and how his favourite piece of art he has done relates to him and his mother (who passed away when he was 7) at castle market.

He said that when you look into his work there is always a meaning and that there is always a child on their own because he was lonely as a child as all of his siblings were older than him.

I really enjoyed doing this interview and I’m proud I got to interview success an inspiring and successful artist.

These are some of the question I asked him:

- How would you describe the art that you create and why do you think people are so drawn to it?

-there's a lot of humour in your work, have you ever considered anything dark and serious or is there a bit of seriousness hidden in the humour somewhere?

-what inspires your work?

-what jobs did you do before becoming an artist and what other careers would you have considered?

- how did you come up with the name "a month of Sundays" for your new gallery?

- what do you think stops people from visiting galleries more often and have you considered that with "a month of Sundays"?

- what types of art, if any, don't you like and why?

- what is the favourite piece of art you don't like and why?

- what is your favourite piece of work you have produced and why?

- what has been your proudest moment in art so far?

- is there any commissioned work you have, or would you refuse of principal?

- what advice would you give for young artists who want to make a career out of art?